Artist’s Statement

What influences people to develop a strong interest in something and then take it beyond a hobby and into a relentless passion that consumes nearly all of your time but falls just short of an obsession?

I believe for me it began at the age of 5 or 6 years old when I became keenly aware of the abundance of nature on the Isle of Bute, just off the west coast of Scotland where I was born.  I spent every available minute of my childhood, and in any kind of weather, exploring the hills, valleys, rivers, shorelines, flowers and small animals which I frequently brought home (including a dead hedgehog which I insisted was only hibernating). My interest in nature was enforced by my school when I received merit badges for the little “articles” I wrote of my weekly nature discoveries.

Although my appreciation and respect for nature has never abated, I don’t limit myself to just one genre of photography as you will see on this blog.  I want to continually grow and learn and also . . . when I raise my camera to capture an image that evokes emotion in me, I think of you, who cannot be here, but who might be able to experience joy through my photography.


1 Response to Artist’s Statement

  1. Very lovely introduction! I didn’t know you had a blog until just now. I’ll take a look!


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