Three Days in Seattle

While my husband had business to conduct in downtown Seattle, Washington for 3 days, I went out to play.

DAY ONE: Sunshine and 50 degrees! Very hilly streets, crazy traffic and tightly packed corporate buildings. Gimped down 3 blocks toward the waterfront called Pike Place where there were tightly packed people. But it was interesting. Lots of galleries, eateries, gift shops, clothing stores, flower shops, bars, cruise ships, and ferries waiting for you at the docks…and of course, the ubiquitous Ferris wheel. Decided to explore some of the uncommon stores on the flat steets, then crawled  back up the Very Hilly Streets to our hotel, knowing that tomorrow was supposed to rain.


DAY TWO: Rain – not exactly a driving rain but rather a foggy, monotonous, thin rain, somewhat like Scotland’s smirring rain. So what to do with day two? I could go to the Aquarium but how many of them have I seen? Shopping? Not my thing. The iconic Seattle Space Needle? Nope, it was currently under construction. Ah ha! I could take a ferry to one of the other islands, Bainbridge Island specifically. It felt great to be on a ferry again. The water was so smooth, I hardly noticed that we were moving.  I grew up traveling on the Caledonia ferry through the Kyles of Bute to get to the mainland on very rough waters and the “gang plank” was sometimes not negotiable.

One hour later I shuffled off the Bainbridge ferry with the other passengers to see what “treasures” we could find…but I just wasn’t into it! Too commercial. And it started to rain again.

DAY THREE: The threat of rain. I could stay at the hotel and read some great books from the beautiful bookshelves in the hotel lobby and eat chocolates. No! I felt pulled in some direction, just not sure where! I picked up a brochure and there it was!!! I grabbed my camera bag and found my way onto a bus going to… Disney Park.  But wait! There was nothing “Disney” about this park. It was a huge, beautiful park with very old trees covered in moss and trails that meandered up and up the mountain and I knew just what I wanted to find.


The sky was getting darker and I seriously considered going back but a jogger told me to look for “steps” going down to the beach and I would find what I was looking for. Really? I had to trudge further up the mountain in order to find the steps going down and boy were they steep and endless.



Again I almost chickened out. But I wanted to get what I came for. By now, with the help of a couple of pain relievers, I was actually down on the beach… but couldn’t find my subject! I turned a corner and was surprised to see large quantities of driftwood along the shoreline as far as the eye could see.  A sign warned people not to touch or pick up anything on the beach incase of radiated objects from Japan.


THEN I SAW IT… the Alki Point Lighthouse standing on the farthest point of northwest Seattle. I was very grateful to get a few shots before the rains came. I knew I had a very long and arduous climb on slippery steps to get back but I was thrilled to get what I came for!!! When I finally got back to the hotel, my Fitbit told me that I had walked 7.46 miles round trip on that mountain.



I hope you enjoyed this trip with me.  But you were a little bit slow climbing up that mountain to climb down again on the other side!!

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  1. Bonnie Rovere says:

    Nice shots and that lighthouse is a winner!!


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