A Goldilocks Snow Storm

What constitutes a good snow storm?  Well, if you are a photographer, it has to be the right kind of snow.  It can’t be too wet, it can’t be too dry, it has to be just right so that the snow builds heavily on tree branches and transforms the landscape into a real Winter Wonderland. I tried to be prepared for this shoot but there’s always something I forget in my excited state.  My “Breakin’ Bad” shovel wasn’t in my car ! I should have brought Kitty Litter but I don’t have a Kitty.  Scarf, hat, gloves?  Nope!  Water even?  Oh well, at least I had a camera body, one lens, batteries and memory cards.

Smithville Snow Trails-148lr

I entered a scene that took my breath away.  The trail looked like a grand White Castle, or Cathedral.  This was indeed a Goldilocks Snow Storm!  Branches arched almost to the ground by the weight of the snow.

Smithville Snow Trails-266 11x14 (15)

There were no footprints on the pristine path and it was very quiet except for the occasional crack of snow-laden branches which sometimes were very close, but I had no concern, except to get some photographs.


Smithville Snow Trails-11x14-24290

I discovered after 10 minutes of excited shooting, that I hadn’t set my camera properly!  That was a bit disappointing but at least I had removed the lens cap!  I trudged on.  You know how photographers have to see what’s around the next corner and the next. I tried to incorporate the yellowish/orange (or dead) leaves into my shot to give it a touch of color and to look for dark, thin tree trunks that would contrast nicely against the white snow.

Smithville Snow Trails-11x14-109

Around almost every curve of the trail was a fallen branch or curved branches that resembled an entrance to another beautiful white room, and even one with a bench nestled near its perimeter.

A Crowd-0520 (7)

I finally came to an open area where some Canada Geese were navigating along an icy river, and it seemed like a good place to turn back.  When I reached my car, I realized that it took me 2 hours to go 1 mile round trip and that I was utterly frozen!  It was quite an emotional experience.  And now that I’ve posted this blog, I think I can finally move on and embrace Spring!

All images were processed with Topaz Simplify to enhance textures and color. 

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10 Responses to A Goldilocks Snow Storm

  1. MikeP says:

    The beauty in the cold just oozes out in the compositions. Your eye and processing are a very pleasant surprise for the senses!!!


  2. Rich Lewis says:

    I’m with Bonnie. These are so magical. What a beautiful set of images.


  3. Wonderful winter wonderland post! You are right about the snow needing to be ‘just right’! And good for you in getting out there while it was still clinging to the branches. The third image is my fav… I love the little bit of yellow-green.


  4. Love it, Season. For me,Topaz was most effective on the third image down. Just lovely.


  5. Bonnie says:

    These are some of my favorite photos ever. There is such a magical quality about them. Simply beautiful. Congratulations on a wonderful show.


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