Jelly Babies

I can take or leave adult jellyfish, but baby Sea Nettle jellies are a different story.  They are delicate, beautiful, and come in various colors and sizes.  Some of them look like little vases holding florettes.

A most interesting fact about sea jellies is that they lack a lot of stuff!  They have no brains, no blood, no respiratory system, no circulatory system, no excretory system, no nervous system, no skeletal system, no gills, blurry vision, and they are essentially made up of 95 per cent water.  And yet, they have existed on our planet for over 500 million years.  In fact, there are over 400 zones in the oceans where only jellyfish can survive and scientists expect that they will be the last species on earth.

I photographed these jellies at the Camden Waterfront Aquarium in late November, in between the many groups of children who were very excited to see the babies.  My subjects were quite tricky to photograph due to their speed and to changing shadows and light.  My settings were f2.8 – 3.5 , ISO 6500, high speed continuous and al servo.

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