Sans The Moon

T’was a brau bricht moonless nicht!

I went to the Ventnor Fishing Pier in New Jersey to photograph the second “Super Moon” of the year. Upon arrival, the scene looked rather dismal. The wind was howling, the sea was rough, the thick, dark clouds threatened rain, and of course . . . no moon! And there wasn’t much else around that I wanted to photograph. Time to go home!

But . . . a few months ago, I went on an “abandoned buildings” shoot in Pennsylvania with other photographers. This was a new genre for me and I thought it might be interesting. However, as we approached our first site, I was quite disappointed. Nothing but old, boring, lifeless, colorless and dilapidated buildings among weeds! What on earth did I expect?  And what would I do here while my buddies snapped their tripods erect and got down to business with such focus and fervor? True to form, I knew that my friends would take photographs of this one scene for 2 or 3 hours!

When in Rome . . . so I reluctantly took a few shots and soon I learned a valuable lesson. No matter how uninteresting a subject or a scene may be, you have to look closer. It is there. And you start to notice how the light falls at an interesting angle, and colors suddenly catch your eye. The juxtaposition of lines and shapes jump out at you and textures beg to be photographed.

And so, on this moonless evening, I applied the same principle of just slowing down, and looking harder. This shoot was not what I expected. It was more than I hoped it would be, even sans the moon!

ventnor_4004ventnor_4056ventnor_4096ventnor_3961ventnor_4088ventnor_4050                                                                                 Thank you for visiting!

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4 Responses to Sans The Moon

  1. I love these image, Season, particularly as being from a favorite milieu.


    • Thank you Ralph. I am finding that blogging enhances the pleasure of taking photographs because I have to be more curious (and knowledgeable) about my subject instead of running around taking grab-shots!


  2. MikeP says:

    Your control over the grand landscape is very evident here. Like your tones and your eye for composition. Its refreshing to see a body of work rather than just a single image in the club comps… it gives me, the follower a better understanding of you as an artist… and … author 🙂

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